Top 5 Films of 2010

Enter The Void, dir. Gaspar Noé
By Lee Cahill

Although these movies are not ranked in order, Enter The Void was definitely the best film of the year. Words do not do this masterpiece justice and I don’t want to ruin it, so please check out the title sequence to get a feel for the film.

If this film is still playing near you, go see it!!! (Magically it’s still playing in New York at IFC even though it’s been playing there since September. That’s how good it is.)

Life During Wartime, dir. Todd Solondz
By Lee Cahill

Though some might say that Life During Wartime is a satirical comedy with emotionally tough moments, I would argue that it’s the years best horror film. And no, I don’t mean that in the classic blood, guts and gross sense… I mean real-life horror- scary situations that realistically could happen, like waking up one day and finding out your father is a child rapist… or whatever. This film is successfully scary because it explores the unfair world we live in and the emotional rollercoaster it causes. I should note that this film is Todd Solondz’s sequel to Happiness, but I do not think that you need to see that to understand this movie. …But you should probably watch it because it’s also very good. Also, there’s a completely different cast from the first movie though the roles are largely the same (which I think is great!).

The title of this film is also the title of a Talking Heads’ song, which is covered by actress Shirley Henderson in the film and by Devendra Banhart and Beck during the end credits. Awesome!!!

Heartbeats (Les Amours Imaginaires), dir. Xavier Dolan
By Sarah Besnard

Heartbeats: a new film with a love triangle like no other. 21 year old Canadian actor/director Xavier Dolan did an amazing job with this hyper-stylised romantic drama:  striking visuals, sparkling colours, a slowness that give the audience time to feel and understand the characters, and of course, an indie soundtrack (you know… the kind of music that you listen alone in your room with your headphones on.)

Tiny Furniture, dir. Lena Dunham
By Kelly Conaboy

2010 wasn’t a very good year for movies in my opinion, but this one was quality: Tiny Furniture. It is funny in a way that normal people are funny- nice to see these days. Like, when you hang out with your friends and your friends are funny. That’s what it was like. Not like when Vince Vaughn is funny in movies and it’s unrealistic because it’s like, no normal person is THAT funny, you know? But it was good. Lena Dunham, the writer, director, and lead actress, is an impressive young lady, making me feel very bad about myself as we are the same age. Oh ye ah, the movie is about her coming home after graduating from film school and not really having any plans for her life. So, see it. “If you want.”

The Exploding Girl, dir. Bradley Rust Gray
By Dorian Tocker

In a time of Avatar, Iron Man 2, Tron: Legacy, etc., it’s refreshing to see a film come together for a paltry $40k, not to mention one that’s a shit-ton more interesting. Equipped with a RED One and a 300mm lens, director Bradley Rust Gray (husband of fellow filmmaker So Yong Kim: In Between Days, Treeless Mountain) creates a quiet portrait of Ivy (Zoe Kazan), home on summer-break from college, and her (romantic? platonic?) relationship with childhood friend Al (Mark Rendall)—ah, the confusion of young adulthood and inter-gender relations. Gray almost exclusively uses the 300mm, and with such a long lens he gives us the sense that we’ve just happened to stumble upon these private moments in Ivy’s life, watching from a distance as spies. Rarely do we get such an intimate window into others’ lives.

The Exploding Girl – Trailer (Click Here)

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