Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone dir. Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler

By Lee Cahill

Who the F is Fishbone? They’re a band, a unique ball of raw energy and punk, jazz, ska, pop… well, just about every style of music you can think of.

Everyday Sunshine delves into the life and times of a band that has influenced many of today’s most popular artists. Some of the gushing fans in the film include Ice T, Gwen Stefani, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Les Claypool, George Clinton (Parliament), and more.

The film is uninhibited in its storytelling. In addition to cleverly covering the band’s history through animated stories and photographs, the directors, Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler, follow band members Norwood Fisher and Angelo Moore, showing everything: living with parents, low attendance at shows, and paranoid arguments over why old band members left. Moore, aka Dr. Madd Vibe, the band’s lead singer felt like his “guts were out on the table” after seeing the finished product.

Some may be bitter after seeing millionaires like Flea say that he rips off Fishbone’s bass lines while Moore lives with his mother. But, to me, it was inspiring. True rock stars never sell out, and that’s what they are: Rock Stars.

If you haven’t heard of Fishbone before seeing this film, you’ll be a fan by the end. Many rock docs fail to go deeper than a live show (which I’d rather see, um, live?) and an interview. If you have heard of Fishbone, you’ll see how it all began, morphed, and what it is today.

While this film is great, the official trailer is extremely vague. So, please check out the clip below to get a feel for the band and film.

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