A Weekly Guide to Your New Obsession

By Sarah Besnard

Patrick Wolf – “The City”

I adore Patrick Wolf. Even his funny looking red locks won’t make my love for him diminish. But I have to say… what the heck has happened to you, Patrick??! You’re smiling, laughing, and singing – I can barely say the word – a happy song? Who knew you had it in you!

Far from his previous album The Bachelor’s dark and gloomy mood, the song “The City” is an upbeat and jolly pop song. The video is just as light-hearted and fun, but is also full of clichés like kids running and dancing on the golden sand of a Santa Monica beach, a piano sitting on the beach, and Patrick making love to the camera (0:27). Watching this just puts a smile on your lips and makes you want spring to come faster!

“The City” is a single from Lupercalia, to be released in May via Mercury records.

S. Carey – “In the Dirt”

A sweet melody, an enchanting voice, cute Swedish kids playing with cute Swedish snow; how can you not love this pretty song/video? Sean Carey, who is also a drummer and singer for the band Bon Iver, released, in the fall, his debut solo album All We Grow on Jagjaguwar. This is what Sean Carey told Spin about the video: “The song is an anthem about staying together with a person for your whole life…Me and my wife want to have kids at some point. And to see these kids interacting the way they were, and just to see how beautiful children can be, combined with my desire to have kids — I just loved it”  We all do, Sean!

Frankie and the Heartstrings – “Hunger”

The five stylish boys that form Frankie and the Heartstrings are from Sunderland, a small town in the north of England that you have probably never heard of. They play retro pop and have this special talent for writing songs that have a “past and present” feel. Listen to their bouncy single “Hunger,” a song that will get stuck in your head at the first listen. If you’re into vintage haircuts, vintage rollerblades, vintage robots, and vintage dancing, then you’ll love this video. I’m telling you, these boys have their sights fixed high, and they will go far! “We are hungry for more!”

Frankie and the Heartstrings’ album Hunger will be out the 21st of February on PopSex Ltd / Wichita Recordings.

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