Rob Roy “Carmencita” dir. Lance Drake

By Dorian Tocker

Genre-bending hip-hop artist Rob Roy (although according to his MySpace, he’s a Chinese traditional/Classical Opera and Vocal/Visual artist) has a new video, “Carmencita”. And if that parenthetical had you saying “Wha-huh?” then his new clip, directed by Lance Drake, should have the same effect. The clip features Roy floating on a cloud of balloons, climbing an invisible staircase, and falling into a void of digital bit-mosh—you get the picture.

Watch the video below and check out more from Rob Roy at and more from Lance Drake at

And, if you’re so inclined, check out Rob Roy’s clip for “Fur In My Cap” from 2009, directed by Ethan Lader.

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2 Responses to Rob Roy “Carmencita” dir. Lance Drake

  1. Jon Agua says:

    I wish I could find a girl to carry me on her balloons. The visuals on that Lance Drake video were pretty sweet. Also, I completely forgot about that Rob Roy music video. Thanks for putting that back on my radar.

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