A Weekly Guide to Your New Obsession

By Sarah Besnard and Jeff Knight

Star Slinger

If you want to get a quick idea of what UK producer Star Slinger is all about, look no further than his introduction on his myspace page: “my name is darren. nice to meet u, i like the eighties, sweden, dusty records, synthesisers, hip-hop, henry rollins, curvy exotic women and solitary animals.” His music is a mix of all of that… especially the curvy exotic women part. Listen to the track “Like I do” below and you’ll find yourself wanting to be back in the 80s at some grimy hip-hop club grinding with someone you’ve never met and will never meet again. This is a universe that is also occupied by artists like RJD2 who got his start by sampling obscure funk and R&B, and created such a unique take on hip-hop. You can grab Star Slinger’s latest EP “Rogue Cho Pa” for free HERE.

Also, watch this cool and colorful vid for “Impressionable”!

Shiko Shiko

What do you think a French band with a Japanese name meaning “masturbation” sounds like? Well, as expected, their music is pretty fucked up. Shiko Shiko draws influence from Japan in their band name and song titles, but the influence doesn’t go too much further than that. Though, there is a hint of J-punk when they freak out. The band has the musical maturity of a band 5 years their senior, yet they retain such innocence in their music, showing us that you’re never too old to jump around and have a good time. These guys opened for Vampire Weekend shows in France, which is pretty cool! Check out their uber catchy track “Kegodaru” from their new EP “Ohayô” (it will be out on the 7th of Feb via Laybell records).

To listen to their new EP click here, my favourite track is Kegadoru!

Wu Lyf (World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation)

Is this a band, a cult, or both? This group of kids from Manchester started to get a whole lot of attention in the beginning of last year with their song “Heavy Pop” (you can stream it below) ironically enough because of all the mystery they create around them. To this day they have not given any interviews and their online presence is purposeful confusion. Their website is full of cut-up images and cryptic messages giving no clue as to who they are, what their purpose is, or even what their real names are! But it all adds to the intense mystery they bring to their music, making it all very exciting; something we haven’t seen much from modern bands. Watch the video for “Spitting it concrete like the golden sun god” where the lead singers’ vocals, mixed with the rest of the gang, sound like their ripping their very vocal chords with every word. They almost sound like a slightly mellower version of Man Man. I’d kill to see them covering Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” at one of their shows (this isn’t just a funny scenario, they actually do this)!

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