Congratulations to Bastien Dubois and Leah Shore!

By Lee Cahill

Directors Bastien Dubois and Leah Shore at Sundance 2010

100Down would like to congratulate friend of the blog, Bastien Dubois, for his recent Academy Award Nomination for Best Animated Short Film and our in-house writer, Leah Shore, for her recent South By Southwest nomination for Best Animated Short Film!

Bastien’s film Madagascar is an animated scrapbook of his travels through the country. He vividly captures the culture and setting through hand drawn and painted animations of  people, animals, and landscapes. He also uses traditional music to add to the film’s authentic vibe. Bastien is currently working on a short about Papua New Guinea that we hope will be as beautiful as his last. Please watch his nominated film below.

As you can tell, Bastien is a talented French animator! To check out more of his work, visit his vimeo page HERE.

Leah Shore.  You know her as the writer of reviews such as “Poops the Boss,” but what you may not know is that she is also an accomplished and up-and-coming director/animator. Her new short BOOBatary is a fantastical and at times psychedelic portrait of a secretary who types with her boobs! The title sequence starts with motor boating… what’s not to love?? Leah is currently working on an animated short voiced by Charles Manson, which is sure to be as strange and imaginative as her previous films. Can’t wait! To take a deeper look into our writer’s wacky head, watch her nominated film below.

You can visit her personal blog at HERE to check out her other videos, doodles, and more!

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One Response to Congratulations to Bastien Dubois and Leah Shore!

  1. leahshore says:

    Hey! don’t forget the VERY talented David O’Reilly and Jeff Drew that are also in the pic!!!!

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