A Case of the Emilys

By Lee Cahill

Lately I’ve had “a case of the Emilys” where every new artist I like seems to be an indie-folk singer-songwriter named Emily. Since they all go so well together, I thought maybe if I write about them all at once, someday they’ll join forces to become an unstoppable, indie-folk-pop super-group called “The Emilys!”  Here’s hopin’…

Birdie Busch

Take a trip to the City of Brotherly Love with native Birdie Busch (aka Emily Busch) through her 4-song EP, Everyone Will Let You In, recorded at The Honey Jar in South Philly. The first three songs get progressively more dreamlike, with lots of reverb on Birdie’s echoing voice, brushed drums, and a Wurlitzer. However, the fourth song, “Honey Jar Junkies”, switches from electric guitar back to acoustic and gives us that authentic twanginess that we all look for in a great folk singer. Listen to her songs “Joey” and “Honey Jar Junkies” below or listen to the whole EP HERE.


“Honey Jar Junkies”

Emily Arin

For her first try at recording a full-length studio album, I’d say Emily Arin knocked it out of the park on Patch Of Land! Though this album has highs and lows, upbeat tracks and swooning slow jams, it is consistent in it’s sound. Arin writes love songs that span the emotional spectrum, giving you the butterflies and chills of a new love as well as the heartbreak of the bitter end of a failed love. In addition to recording a full-length album, Arin also spent the last six months traveling around the country and recording a song per month. What a prolific lady! Below please listen to “Seventeen Days,” a new song she recorded while traveling and “When You Knew Me When” from Patch of Land.

If you’re in Philly on the 24th, go see Arin perform at Johnny Brenda’s (201 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA19125)at 9:15pm. If not, hear her perform live on Y-Rock on XPN at www.YROCKONXPN.org on Tuesday, February 22nd at 6pm. You can also listen to her whole album HERE

“Seventeen Days”

“When You Knew Me When”

Emily Greene

Emily Greene has quite a mature voice for such a fresh young face. Her delicate, airy voice and jazzy-folk vibe give her the appeal of a Norah Jones or Rachel Yamagata. She has a bit more of a commercial sound than the above Emilys, but, again, approaches the spectrum of love in her new album, Is This What You Had In Mind. Listen to her song “Mercedes Benz”, which I’ve had stuck in my head all week. You can listen to the full album HERE

Catch Emily playing live at The Mercury Lounge in Manhattan (217 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002) on March 10th at 7pm.

“Mercedes Benz”

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4 Responses to A Case of the Emilys

  1. If you need to listen to more artists named Emily from Philly, The Weeds (creation of Emily Ana Zeitlyn) will be releasing a new album this summer… can’t wait!

  2. elizabeth says:

    wooo emily greene is my jam!

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