Watch Out! Toy Soldiers Are Coming!

By Lee Cahill

Toy Soldiers is an up-and-coming, Philly-based band, started in 2007 by singer-songwriter Ron Gallo. Ron is a spitting image of a young Bob Dylan with the voice of Jack White. He uses his signature rocker voice to belt out old-timey folk and blues music (I guess you could just go ahead and call that Americana). During the recording of their first studio album, Whisper Down The Lane, I watched the band transform from a 2-piece to at times a 10-piece band! They’re now down to a solid 5 member core, but at special performances you’ll find back-up singers that rock just as hard as the lead-vocalist, and even a horn section, making them a great band to see live! Check out their song “Throw Me Down” (my favorite song from their album) and “Tagalong’s Song”, recorded live on my radio show on WKDU last year.

“Throw Me Down”

“Tagalong’s Song (Live at WKDU)”

If you’re in Philly, go check them out at the World Cafe Live on March 8th!

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