Release the Flying Monkeys and the KRAKEN!

By Leah Shore

I first befriended the talented Alex Taylor at SXSW 2010 where our senses of humor, bizarre ideas, and awesomeness brought us together. The native Brit and I have continued to be friends emailing, skyping and even reuniting at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. His last film Kids Might Fly (I always say and think “can” instead of “might” for some reason…) was the runner up in the experimental shorts program at SXSW last year (I am jealous.), but he was number one in my heart.  Since then, I have been anxiously awaiting his new baby, Release the Flying Monkeys.

Comparatively, this new film is a more cohesive and traditional narrative short than his last. He built a more linear script, focusing on two Albanian girls who come to England to prepare us for the coming of Jesus. Jesus is apparently everywhere including in our knees, stains in the floor and especially the water. According to Alex, “the film’s meant to be an uber cool christian promo video…”. It’s packed with dry jokes that are so simple, they are hilarious. These girls help another girl who thinks her best friend, a metal-head pet turtle, is possessed. I absolutely loved how Alex edited in moments where a random woman (who is apparently real) looking like she was trapped in the late 50s with cat eye glasses talks to the camera explaining her love of Jesus and Jesus paraphernalia. Her awkwardness and strange demeanor reminded me of a John Waters flick.

The happy, ska-like music (Best Friends Forever) of the short compliments Alex’s signature free-floating camera work, emphasizing the fact that the entire film was actually improvised around a loose script. He also uses slow motion to exemplify bizarre movements such as head banging.

I hear Alex has a few feature length films in the works. Hopefully he will hire me to be an anything so I can have the excuse to meet up with a great friend and make some more art!


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