A Weekly Guide to Your New Obsession

By Sarah Besnard and Jeff Knight

Purity Ring – “Ungirthed”

Purity Ring is a side project from a member and an ex-member of Gobble Gobble, and they have released a gem of a debut single that is just wonderful ear candy. Listen to “Ungirthed”: a blippy, electronic masterwork that sounds like a synth-pop-loving cousin of chillwave. The beat pushes and pulls in an irregular pattern with the plush bass synth and fat samples, giving you the feeling of involuntary jerky movements that you want to let take you over. The vocals match the cuteness of the plucky synth lead, and pull you into the song headfirst. We love it!


Rainbow Arabia – Without You

Danny and Tiffany Preston are Rainbow Arabia. The ethnotronic duo hail from LA, and started writing music as a way to escape from their day jobs after they bought a Lebanese synthesizer. These two are married, and you can feel that chemistry in their music. Their new album « Boys and Diamonds » is less “ethno” and more “tronic”, as their genre goes, than the previous one (if you haven’t yet, check out the song “Omar K” below), but still good. The track “Without you” has all the qualities of an indie hit: a fun bouncy beat, catchy synth lines, and a cool retro-80’s sound.

Buy their album « Boys and Diamonds » (Kompakt) on the 1st of March – you don’t want them to end up begging on the streets like in their vid, right?

Powerdove – “Resting Place”

If music really affects your mood and you’re looking for something to cheer you up, then don’t listen to this sad song, “Resting Place”. But, jeez, you’d miss out on something amazingly, incredibly, immensely beautiful. The simplicity of the song fascinates me; even though the instrumentation is so minimalist, it’s what makes the song so profound and deep. What she does with the silence really makes the song touching, relying not so much as what she does, but on what she doesn’t do. And that voice… just beautiful.  No wonder Powerdove aka Annie Lewandowski’s music was praised by members of Deerhoof or Xiu Xiu.

Buy her album Be Mine, that came out on February 15 on Circle Into Square Records.

“Resting Place”

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