Meek’s Cutoff dir. Kelly Reichardt

By Dorian Tocker

We here at OneHundredDown are all about indie music, film, and music in film. So, last week’s launch of the Meek’s Cutoff trailer is kind of a wet dream for us. Here are several reasons why:

  1. Director Kelly Reichardt (Old Joy, Wendy & Lucy)
  2. Reichardt’s got a penchant for including some strong musical accoutrements in her films. Example: Old Joy featured a soundtrack by Yo La Tengo and starred Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy aka a-million-other-names.
  3. The film is distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories, the film company birthed by Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys
  4. Zoe Kazan. (See our Top 5 Films of 2010 >> The Exploding Girl)
  5. Paul Dano in yet another frontier movie (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine—think about it: Little Miss Sunshine, frontier movie)
  6. Oregon Trail is one of the best games. Ever.

Ok, that last one didn’t really count. Although it’s true and you know it.

The film premieres April 8th in New York and slowly goes nationwide after that. Check out the trailer below:

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