I Met You, Once, In a Dream dir. Evan Puschak

By Dorian Tocker

Sometimes the best movies are songs. “Huh?” you say? Well, sometimes the images conjured up by music are more visceral and quote-unquote cinematic than any of those from the silver screen (which can be formulaic and trite). Here’s what I mean: (former) filmmaker Evan Puschack (explanation in due time, faithful readers) was so inspired by Nina Simone’s “Wild Is The Wind” that a film was birthed from it. I Met You, Once, In A Dream is that film (watch below).

I emailed Evan about posting the film here on OneHundredDown, and this was his reply:

I made that film last summer, the summer after I graduated college (Boston University, 2010) because I wanted to keep the momentum going from my previous short film, The Surgeons’ Rest , which was our first foray into the world of the Canon 5D Mark II. TSR was a great success in terms of image quality, advancing what seemed to us like lightyears beyond shoddy SD transfers of 16mm film.

I like the way it turned out, a great job by all involved, especially lighting (Justin Suriano), costumes (Annika Bennitz) and acting (Steven Lee and Serahrose Roth). I hope the tension came across, I hope the characters are believable and understandable and empathetic, and I hope the final monologue is earned, not forced. You’ll be the judge of that.

From Boston I moved to Portland, OR, and weathered a few turbulent months (not really turbulent, I’m still spoiled), just in the sense that I looked at the creative sacrifices required in filmmaking — the inability to really practice, the fact that you need to be in LA, and you need to give up 5-10 years of your life to networking, just to reach that level of “perhaps you can make it if you’re a prodigy,” but I’m not a prodigy, and none of the artists I know are, and it seems that it wouldn’t be much fun to be one anyway because, and we’re back to my point, practice is what I live for, the ability to be creative for an extended period of time every day (except Sundays, of course).

I looked at those moving pieces and said it’s not for me. It seemed obvious to me that another art form (since all art forms have the same end, just a different set of limitations and personal stresses) would be more suited to my personality: writing. This is me. I wake up today and, after writing this, will set to work on the final chapter of my first novel, Big City. And the five-plus hours of creativity that I get to expend everyday (until I hit my 1000 word quota) has fulfilled me in a way nothing else has before.

More from Evan HERE

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