Mount Kimbie // Delicate Steve

Artist: Mount Kimbie
From: London, England
Sounds like: nostalgic and melodic post-dubstep
One reason to see them: If James Blake used to be a touring member, you know you’ve got a great band on your hands. Their debut album has been getting amazing reviews, with NME putting it in their top 70 albums of 2010, and iDJ Magazine giving it 10/10. This emerging genre needs to be heard, to be believed, and you don’t want to miss your chance.

Catch them Tuesday March 15 – 12:00AM @ Emo’s Jr

Or Saturday March 19 -11:00PM – Barcelona

Or Thursday March 17 – 10:00PM – The Windish Agency House @ ND

Artist: Delicate Steve
From: New Jersey, USA
Sounds like: kaleidoscopic, experimental awesomeness
One reason to see them: Delicate Steve has been blowing minds left and right, with no one even able classify what they are listening to. His new album was reedited via Luaka Bop (David Byrne), and encompases everything you’d expect from a David Byrne label. In order to get a full idea of what Delicate Steve is though, you really need Chuck Klosterman’s press release about the band. You’ll find no reason not to see them. (

Catch them Tuesday March 15 – 11:00PM @ Spill

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