SXSW Feature: 13 Assassins dir. Takashi Miike

By Lee Cahill

Yusuke Iseya and Takayuki Yamada in 13 ASSASSINS, a Magnet Release. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing.

I always love a good ol’ samurai smack down movie. Who doesn’t? Takashi Miike’s remake of the 1963 film Thirteen Assassins has everything you’d expect from a classic samurai flick. It’s jam packed with all the costumes, sword sound effects, exaggerated grunts and hai-yas you could ask for. In this film, set in the mid 1800s, 12 samurais and one untrained, kickass drifter-man go on a suicide mission to take down an evil lord protected by hundreds of samurai guards. Yes, 13 v. Hundreds. The drifter, who brags, “It’s easier for me to take down a samurai than a bear with my hands,” provides a lot of comic relief during the 45-minute epic battle.

The only cliché I would say this film is missing is a training montage (catching flies with chopsticks, etc). Here, we can assume that these 13 men are the best of the best and thereby past their training days. And honestly, in these movies I always want them to skip over that part any way so they can just get to the epic battle scene already. Well done.

Check out the trailer below and watch the film tomorrow On Demand or go see it on the silver screen at the IFC center in NY starting April 29th!

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