SXSW Music Videos: …Like Music To Your Eyes

by Dorian Tocker

Cathy Davey “Little Red” dir. Lorcan Finnegan

Lorcan Finnegan’s video for Irish songstress Cathy Davey is a colorful and alternative take on the Little Red Riding Hood story, where Little Red (played by Cathy herself) and the Wolf (played by the director himself) seem to be pretty good friends who hang in the woods (possibly for a kegger—who knows). Pretty amazing design here, especially the Day-Glo wolf mask (which is reminiscent of work by sculptor AJ Fosik.) Also, who doesn’t like puppets?

Check out some behind the scenes pics at Lorcan’s Flickr page, and you can see more of his work HERE.

Hollerado “Americanarama” dir. Greg Jardin

Greg Jardin’s choreography for Hollerado’s “Americanarama” puts Mikhail Baryshnikov to shame. Ok, maybe not. But it’s still pretty damned impressive. Check out the video below to see why—one, continuous take!

Apparently, there’s another video for the song from 2008, starring comedian Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall) in a parody of American Apparel. Watch it HERE.

Warm Ghost “Open The Wormhole In Your Heart” dir. John Carlucci and Brandon LaGanke

Naked bodies, plexiglass, milk, and colored lights could sound like the recipe for a bad porno flick. In this case, however, it’s the recipe for a beautifully abstract, visually stunning, and visceral video. Although we know there’s nudity right in front of us, body parts gyrating just behind that plexiglass, the photography here pushes the naked body to a place of abstraction and pure form. It’s no longer about the human physique, but shape, texture, contrast, and color—some of the basic elements of visual art.

More from Warm Ghost HERE

More from John Carlucci HERE

More from Brandon LaGanke HERE

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