Get the Buzz: SXSW Wrap-up // 100Down FLASKS!

Boy, we all had an amazing time at SXSW! With so much great music and so many great films, it was super-hard to choose our favorites to post about, but we’ve tried our darnedest!

Designed by Michaela Olsen

While we were down in Austin, we gave out some awesome OneHundredDown promo-flasks, designed by new blog-team-member Michaela Olsen. They were so awesome that indie filmmakers Ondi Timoner (We Live In Public, Dig!), Bill Plympton (Your Face), and Josh and Benny Safdie (The Pleasure of Being Robbed, Daddy Longlegs), along with comedians Dave Foley (NewsRadio, The Kids In The Hall), Rachel Harris (The Hangover), and Doug Benson (Super High Me) are all now rockin the flasks! To get your very own flask right now for FREE (while supplies last), send an email to with “FLASK” in the subject line and your shipping address in the body. You’ll need to cover the cost of shipping OR pick one up from us in Brooklyn!

And now back to our regularly scheduled content!

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