Michael Langan is Bangin!

By Leah Shore

I first met Michael Langan (a fellow RISD alum) at the Ottawa International Film Festival 2009 and since then his films have been blowing. My. MIND. His films have pushed boundaries, flawlessly incorporating both handmade/live-action and digital compositing skills. The results are artful and epic short films, animations, and commercials.

Michael always tries to make things in front of the camera (fabrication, puppets, etc) so he doesn’t have to do a lot of post-production, special effects, compositing etc. But when he does composite you would NEVER realize it until you see a making-of video.

Michael and I reconnected at SXSW where he premiered his new film, Heliotropes. While not yet viewable to the public, it’s something to eagerly anticipate. The film can best described as an experimental film with repetitive patterns encompassing imagery of sunflowers, airlines, migratory birds and humans. It continues Michael’s streak as a creative trickster whose films are experimental with a tint of commerciality in them, which I personally think is the perfect mix.

For a sample of Michael’s work, check out his 2009 award-winning short Doxology, his 2010 short Dahlia, and, possibly my favorite film that I’ve seen from him, a bumper for the Ann Arbor Film Festival. There’s a making-of video for the bumper as well. WATCH IT.

You can find him all over the Internet including the New York Times, Motionographer, IFC, and of course his website.

He better make a feature one day!


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