Nicolas Jaar

By Lee Cahill

When I first heard Nicolas Jaar (aka Nico) on my car stereo (while listening to KEXP Seattle – the BEST station) I was so impressed that I pulled over to write down his name because I NEEDED to hear more. Thankfully most of his prolific music catalog is streamable on the internet.

At only 21 years old, Nico’s has been making electronic music for 7 years, mainly releasing albums on his vanity label Clown and Sunset and, more recently, he released a full-length called Space Is Only Noise on Circus Company. (WHAT? I feel lazy.) His experiences traveling and playing shows around the world have provided him with him a variety of sounds and beats to experiment with. When you listen to his music you hear a mix of influences, moods, textures, synth sounds, and real instruments impeccably to produced to sound like electronic samples. If you’re into artists like Air, James Blake, Wax Tailor, or Pantha Du Prince, you are required to listed to his songs below!

“Spectors of the Future” from Space Is Only Noise (make sure to get at least 35 seconds into this song)

The Bees – “Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix)”

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