Fritz Myers’ Vacation! Soundtrack

By Lee Cahill

Vacation!, directed by Zach Clark, is a film about sex, drugs, and a group of girls who get punched in the face by reality when they’re just trying to escape it for once. Fritz Myers’ dark, electronic score effortlessly contrasts with the relaxing beach landscape and piña coladas that kick off the film, giving the viewer a sneaking suspicion that shit’s gonna get real.

Throughout the score, Myers creates tension by layering droning beeps and buzzes that one might hear during a power plant meltdown. Then to create chaos, he grinds bells, cymbals, and fast drum beats into the mix. All of these intense sounds are meticulously panned from channel to channel, making your head spin as you try to come down from this nightmarish drug trip. In its most chaotic moments, the score reminds me of the “Wonderous Boat Ride” song in the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory — you know, from the horrifying scene where they row down the chocolate river through the scariest tunnel ever (chicken heads get cutoff, etc).

If you’re planning on having a relaxing, sunny day like the girls in Vacation!, this soundtrack might fuck that up. But if you’re up for a totally psychedelic 23 minutes, listen to the whole soundtrack below and pay what you want to download it from Bandcamp!!!

Also, visit the Vacation! website for screening dates and more info about the film!

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