A Weekly Guide To Your New Obsession

By Lee Cahill

Artist: New Look

From:  Brooklyn, NY (by way of Canada)
Sounds Like: Female-fronted dreamy electro-pop (FC Kahuna meets Au Revoir Simone meets The XX)
Reason to listen: Be ahead of the curve and check out this electro-pop duo before they’re 100 Above material.
Buy: http://www.myspace.com/newlooknewlooknewlook/music
More:  http://www.myspace.com/newlooknewlooknewlook

Artist: Jookabox

From:  Indianapolis, IN
Sounds Like: Psychedelically spastic and heavy use of effects to put you in a haunting trance
Reason to listen: Considering that they often sing about ghosts and zombies, it’s fitting that their new record came out after the band called it quits. Fortunately for us, the ghost of their music lives on through the distribution of Asthmatic Kitty Records (also InfinitiRock’s label).
Buy:  http://jookabox.bandcamp.com/album/the-eyes-of-the-fly
More: http://www.myspace.com/jookabox

Artist: Grand Vanity

From:  Los Angeles, CA/London, England
Sounds Like: Indie pop-rock that sounds like White Denim meets Ra Ra Riot meets Franz Ferdinand and looks like The White Stripes (Ok, it’s just a girl on drums and a guy playing guitar, but that’s all you really need to do to get compared to The White Stripes).
Reason to listen: Their songs are built around amazing riffs that develop to hold your interest. Plus, Greg, the singer and guitarist, has an adorably quirky haircut.
Buy: http://grandvanity.bandcamp.com/
More: http://www.grandvanity.com/home.html

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