A Weekly Guide To Your New Obsession

By Sarah Besnard

Artist: The Weeknd

From:  Toronto
Sounds Like: R. Kelly meets James Blake meets Autre ne Veut. The Weeknd are: singer Abel – Tesfaye, producers – Doc McKinney and Illangelo.
Reason to listen: Many blogs have been praising them for a few weeks. Sometimes the Internet is right, and you need to listen to what it says you should.
Listen and Watch:

Shows: None
More: http://www.the-weeknd.com/ Their album is available here for free!

Artist: Christian Aids

From: Manchester, UK
Sounds Like: Dark atmospheric haunting electronica
Reason to listen: Because his tune “Young Luv” is the soundtrack of William and Kate’s wedding. (See video below) and also their name.
Shows: Europe only
30/06/11 Dalston Victoria, London
22/07/11 MIDI Festival, French Riviera
27/07/11 Club Kärleksdöden, Stockholm
Buy: http://christianaids.bandcamp.com/
More: http://christianaids.cx/Christian_AIDS/noreply.html

Artist: Mescalin, Baby

From:  Denmark
Sounds Like: Alternative, psychedelic, pop rock. Graveyard meets Dandy Wharols meets Kings of Leon
Reason to listen: This retro rock quintet released their full-length debut, Air Air, on May 23 and it’s everything you’d expect and want it to be.
Shows: Not Touring
Buy: http://www.targetshop.dk/dk/seek/MESCALIN BABY/
More: http://www.mescalinbaby.com/

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