Rooftops Short: Guard Dog Global Jam dir. Bill Plympton

By Lee Cahill

Guard Dog Global JamThere were some shorts in Rooftop Film Fest’s Dark Toons program (described by the Fest as “enjoyably evil animation”) that seemed like they were made specifically for it. Bill Plympton’s Guard Dog Global Jam was one of them. The film follows a bouncy, little dog on his walk through the park. But the dog’s mood sharply changes from jubilation to aggression when he imagines other innocent park critters doing their worst to his beloved master.

This film is an exciting experiment in animation, for which Plympton asked 70 animators around the world (the youngest being 10-year-old Perry Chen) to recreate Plympton’s Oscar-nominated film Guard Dog, with each artist animating one scene using the technique of their choosing. The result is an impressive amalgamation of more types of animation than you can think of, and it’s all edited seamlessly together.

Check out a few short clips from the film below to see the breadth of styles used. You can also watch Plympton’s original short, Guard Dog, HEREGuard Dog was the first of a four-part animated-series that Plympton recently finished including Guide Dog, Hot Dog, and Horn Dog.

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