Generationals’ New Album Actor-Caster

By Lee Cahill

What does the New Orleans band Generationals sound like? Well, their retro-pop sound harkens back to the piano riffs of The Zombies, which they combine with the vocals of Peter Bjorn & John and then add the giant electronic reverb of The XX. (Remember the Zombies? I wish I did–I totally wasn’t alive yet when they were rockin.) I instantly fell for the song “When They Fight, They Fight” (off of their last album Con Law) when I heard it back in 2009. It’s one of those sad songs that sounds like a happy one–that just really gets to me.

Their new album, Actor-Caster, delivers a cohesive group of polished, upbeat songs to swoon over. It’s exactly what I’ve been longing for ever since my puppy love with Con Law. The single “Ten-Twenty-Ten” has a bit more of a surf-rock/Best Coast vibe than the rest of the album, which offers their usual modern twist on the bright, sunny sounds of the 60s. What a perfect way to usher us into the summer! Man! Let’s all go to the beach.

BTW You can stream Actor-Caster in its entirety if you “Like” these guys on Facebook.

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