Facing New York – Get Hot

By Alec Henninger

When showing my friends Facing New York‘s last, 2008 album, Get Hot, the first minute or so was met with an awkward, “Huh?” It was kind of funny and, well… understandable; the opening track “Cops on Bikes” boldly and hilariously fails the 30 second rule (not the one about eating food on the floor, the one about a song getting to the hook within 30 seconds) with what sounds like bad beat poetry meets Sublime’s “Pawn Shop.” But suspend your disbelief, there is really a point to that sounds-like-bad-beat-poetry-meets-Sublime’s-“Pawn-Shop.” No, really!!! Have a sense of humor, man. I mean the song is about cops on bikes, after all.  Not to mention, by the end of it, that tune seriously rocks.

In fact, there’s really a point (and sense of humor [and serious rock]) to everything on Get Hot.

On “Coming Up,” when lead singer Eric Frederic says, “I don’t know what, but something has changed,” at once, the music changes.

Frederic begins “Gesture,” nervously, as if about to burst, singing, “So ya makin’ me nerves.” He continues until suddenly… BAM. He’s let loose (and consequently, so has the music), shouting, “You make me feel so much.”

Word = concept = sound. Love it.

Better still, Get Hot uses concept as a means for some serious musical prowess. If you’ll commit enough to notice, you’ll find funky bass lines, jazzy chord progressions, hyperactive meters, demanding harmonies, AND good hooks. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?

Sadly, in 2010, Facing New York fell off the face of the planet. Must’ve written a song ‘bout a black hole and got sucked in.

“Cops On Bikes”


About Alec Henninger

QA Automation Developer at Red Hat
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3 Responses to Facing New York – Get Hot

  1. Sean says:

    great review!! big fan of this album- their older albums are definitely worth a listen too- very technical but not nearly as slick as Get Hot. Come back and give us more music you sonsabitches!!

  2. Alec Henninger says:

    Agreed! They had such a bright future.

  3. swoso says:

    just a fyi, get hot is now out on vinyl.. its a custom matchbook package.
    here’s a video for the making of: http://vimeo.com/26906263


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