Milagres – Glowing Mouth

By Lee Cahill

Milagres sounds like Wolfkin meets Yeasayer meets Radiohead. And though I compare them to Radiohead, the lead singer, Kyle Wilson, does not have the amazingly unique, whiny voice of Thom Yorke (who else does, really?). What he does have is a European-sounding, strikingly manly falsetto (pretty hard to do, as most men usually sound like they’re being punched in the balls when they sing that high) that haunts mysteriously above the dark, electronic-organ-like beats.

To kick off this album, Milagres builds rhythmic layer after layer creating a mounting wall of tension and rock. The album then continues to put you in a trancelike state as Wilson’s voice soars through you like a séanced ghost. You might just find yourself dancing around a campfire to this one. But it’d probably a sandy-beach campfire because the music also has a relaxed, cool vibe.

Wilson wrote this entire album while bedridden with a back injury; sometimes with pain comes progress! Thankfully, he’s all better and will be rocking out tomorrow (Tuesday June 21st) at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan opening for WATERS, and on Thursday (June 23rd) at the SummerStage in Red Hook, opening for We Are Scientists FOR FREE!

Check out Milagres’ first single “Glowing Mouth” off their new album below and download it FOR FREE. After doing so, you may commence anxiously biting your fingernails until September 13th when their first LP Glowing Mouth is released on Kill Rock Stars Records (one of the best indie labels around – Thao & Mirah, Decemberists, Deerhoof, Elliot Smith, the list goes on!).

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