The Lisps – Futurity & Are We At The Movies?

By Lee Cahill

Futurity, a musical by The Lisps, performed at the HERE arts center in NY. Photo by Sam Hough, Set Design by Emily Orling. Lighting Design by Paul Toben.

The Lisps, an old-timey sounding indie folk-rock band with show tunes tendencies and endearingly pitchy blend of male and female vocals, are adorable while almost sounding awkward at the same time (kinda like a person with a lisp). The varied meters in their songs, among other avant garde musical choices, is evidence that their influences go deeper than most mainstream pop songs.

Aside from making albums and general rocking out, The Lisps also wrote a musical called Futurity. It’s a sci-fi musical set in the Civil War era about a soldier aspiring to be an inventor. If you live in Massachusetts, please mark your calendar to go see it at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge March 16 –April 15 2012!

Check out their new album Are We At The Movies? released in May. (Favorite tracks – “Dreamhouse” and “Are We At The Movies?”)

By the way… this band has one of the funniest, quirkiest bios I have ever read. Check it out –

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