A Weekly Guide To Your New Obsession

By Sarah Besnard and Jeff Knight

Artist : Grandpa Was A Lion

Listen: “In A Dream”

From: Brooklyn, NY
Sounds Like: Folksy Dream Pop
Reason to listen: With a name that describes exactly how it sounds, “In A Dream” takes you to one of one-man outfit Justin D’Onofrio’s dreams; a dream with a hue of melancholy and a penchant for longing, yet all the while you can’t help but smile.
Buy: http://grandpawasalion.bandcamp.com/album/the-whalestoe-tapes
More: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grandpa-Was-A-Lion/149221175111693

Artist : Julianna Barwick

Listen: “Keep Up The Good Work”

From: Brooklyn, NY
Sounds Like: Ethereal Vocal Layering
Reason to listen: This hauntingly beautiful track creates an other-worldly atmosphere through reverb fused vocal layering, calling you like a Siren to meet your fate, unable to refuse.
Buy: http://juliannabarwick.bandcamp.com/album/the-magic-place
More:  http://www.juliannabarwick.com/

Artist : Plant Plants

Listen: Hands That Sleep

From: London, England
Sounds Like: Angular Guitars Textured With Deep Synths
Reason to listen: Produced by Jas Shaw, one half of Simian Mobile Disco, Plant Plants take that dance-pop sensibility, and apply it to angular guitar riffs and smooth, fat synths, creating a song that is both dance-able and rock-able, all at the same time.
More:  http://www.myspace.com/pl4ntpl4nts
Buy: http://soundcloud.com/plantplants

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