Lana Del Rey – Diva To Watch!

By Lee Cahill

Lana Del Rey (formerly known as Lizzy Grant, though you wouldn’t recognize her with that new face) has sucked me in with her timeless voice and retro style. Though her song “Video Games” may be a bit too sluggish to be a mainstream “hit”, it showcases the emotional drama in her voice. Like a great actor becoming a character, she deliberately uses dynamics and pronunciation to draw out the emotions of each phrase.

The video for “Video Games”, however, shows an emotionless Lana singing along with her huge voice with almost a blank stare, which might be the most intriguing and mysterious part about the whole thing – I can’t quite figure her out. But I want to.

She has labeled her music as “Hollywood Sadcore” and “Gangster Nancy Sinatra” which accurately captures the cinematic production and the ironic, sadness to her lyrics. “Is it wrong, wrong that I think it’s kinda fun when I hit you in the back of the head with a gun?” lyrics from “Kinda Outta Luck”.

I hear Del Rey recently signed to a major label and is currently working on her debut album, which can’t come soon enough. Till then I’ll be watching a loop of the below video for “Video Games.” And I’ll go check her out live on Sept 9th at  The Box (189 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002)!

(Well folks, the video for “Video Games” is back up! But it looks like it got a little work done as well. You can still view the original video HERE)

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5 Responses to Lana Del Rey – Diva To Watch!

  1. jaja says:

    I just discovered her today and honestly, she is so hypnotizing, I cannot stop listening to her Yayo… Cannot wait for her album, it seems like all web sites selling mp3s of her songs are down, even her personal page and her myspace one too…weird…

  2. 100Down says:

    Interesting. Well she just got signed to Interscope, so it may just be a temporary switch over where the label is taking control over her sites and the distribution of her songs. (Or maybe they’re yanking everything off the web/market so that they can officially launch her when the album is ready. Hope not!) I’ll find out what I can.

    BTW she has gained about 10,000 facebook friends since I posted about her :O Blowing up already!

  3. 100Down says:

    The video will be back up shortly!

  4. 100Down says:

    Annnnnnnnnnnd we’re back

  5. Josh Hoffman says:

    She seems obsessed with a time period in which only superficial connections exist – which is what the hipster scene and music has devolved into – however, she makes beautifully depressing and paranoid soundscapes while looking like a model from old nude playing cards. This is perfect hipster/indie fawning material!

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