Mister Heavenly – Out Of Love

By Lee Cahill

¡Super Group Alert! Mister Heavenly consists of Man Man front man Honus Honus aka Ryan Kattner, Islands and The Unicorns front man Nicholas Thorburn, and Joe Plummer (no not Joe the Plumber) drummer of Modest Mouse and The Shins. If that wasn’t enough name dropping for you, their touring bassist was Michael Cera.

Basically this band could have farted into microphones for 60 minutes and the album would probably still make all the hipsters dance their tight-jeaned butts off.  Thankfully however, they’ve lived up to their combined indie clout on their debut album Out Of Love set to hit the streets this Tuesday August 16th. They’ve taken the throw-back, 60’s pysch-pop vocals and cute guitar licks of Islands along with the more enraged vocals and chaotic loud sound of Man Man and thrown in some sweet beats and catchy Modest Mouse inspired guitar riffs. As you can imagine, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

If there was any doubt, indie rock’s not dead.

Check out the rockin’ opening track “Bronx Sniper” and the more silly track “Pineapple Girl” from Out Of Love below. Learn more about Mister Heavenly and download these two tracks for FREE HERE.

“Bronx Sniper”

“Pineapple Girl”

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