Gold Leaves

By Lee Cahill

Had I discovered Gold Leaves (aka singer-songwriter Grant Olsen) last weekend, I probably would have squeezed one of his songs onto the 100Down summer playlist. So it only seems fitting to follow the summer songs with Olsen’s sunny folk-pop.

Gold Leaves’ debut album The Ornament has the romantic sound of another era that might leave you swaying along to rich arrangements, a beach boys-ish amount of reverb, and Olsen’s M. Ward-like voice floating on top. The songs are emotional while restrained, dark while soothing, and effortlessly captivating. They sound something like The Generationals meets Other Lives (if you’ve been reading up on this blog lately, you know what I’m talkin about). Plus one of my favorite indie singers, Thao Ngyuen, was credited as a backup singer on the album!

Listen to two tracks from the album below. Find out more about the band and download both these tracks for free HERE. And why not like the band on Facebook? They haven’t passed the 400 friend mark yet.

“The Ornament”


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2 Responses to Gold Leaves

  1. Molly Jacobs says:

    Oh, also totally reminds me of a combination of M. Ward and Fleet Foxes

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