By Lee Cahill

Pickwick brings us reverb-filled, chill indie rock with slow but strong beats and emotional male vocals that make me want to turn the music up, roll the windows down, and take a long drive out of the city. Rather than one song with a catchy hook that you just can’t shake, this band has a relaxed yet classic vibe to all of their songs that pulls me in and keeps me listening through their catalog – a sign of a consistent and talented band. Lead singer, Galen Disston, claims that his vocals are inspired by Sam Cooke. I’m not sure that I 100% hear that, but any time you start with Sam Cooke you’re headed in the right direction.

Being a band that looks backwards for inspiration but lives in the future, Pickwick as released a series of two song 45s, but you can also grab the songs online at http://pickwick.bandcamp.com/

Check out my favorites “Hacienda Motel” and “The Round” below.

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