Grouplove – Never Trust A Happy Song CD Release Show

By Jeff Knight

Over my many years of concert going, I have found the keys to a great and memorable show.

  1. The obvious one: the music is played well, but not just well, that it exceeds expectations (usually the expectations you have from the recorded material).
  2. The artist’s raw emotions are strong, but not just strong, they transcend the very music being performed and the honesty of each song comes through.
  3. The crowd is enjoying the show, but not just enjoying it, they’re unable to take their eyes off the stage and unconsciously swaying to the music, jumping around when the feeling becomes too overwhelming.
  4. The artist feeds off of the energy of the crowd, but more than feeds off, they are enormously appreciative that they get to play music for a living and that people even came out to see them.

At last Wednesday night’s Bowery Ballroom CD release show for Grouplove, it was all of the above, and so much more.

While vacationing separately in Crete, the members of Grouplove serendipitously met and made plans to reconvene and record in the states. That serendipitous encounter resulted in one of the most fun EPs I’ve heard in awhile. It captivated me so much that after only knowing of the band for a week, I traveled from Philly to NYC on a Wednesday, just so I could be there for their CD release show.

Grouplove’s new album, Never Trust A Happy Song, is possibly more fun than their EP. Their energy on stage was infectious, their harmonies were pitch-perfect, and their chemistry was undeniable, resulting in one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. The love they have for what they do and each other was apparent with each and every note. I know this is a band I will be seeing every time they come around, and I am excited to see where they go next.

Listen to “Tongue Tied” from Never Trust A Happy Song 

And “Naked Kids” from Grouplove (S/T EP) (it’s also on their new album)

Love it? Why not buy it on Amazon or iTunes?

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