A Weekly Guide To Your New Obsession

By Sarah Besnard

Artist: Farewell Poetry
Listen: (This is only a trailer) “As true as Troilus”

From: Paris, France
Label: Gizeh Records
Sounds Like: Moody experimental poetry
Reason to listen: Farewell Poetry is not just a band, they are a group of passionate people, multi-instrumentalists and filmmakers, who gathered their skills to create beautiful music and art.
More: http://www.farewell-poetry.com/
Buy: gizehrecords.bandcamp.com/​album/​hoping-for-the-invisible-to-ignite

Artist: Gauntlet Hair

Listen: “Keep Time”
From: Denver, USA
Label: Dead Oceans
Sounds Like: Pop-Noise
Reason to listen: Their 2010 single was pretty amazing, so their self-titled debut album out on October 18 is bound to be equally amazing.
More: http://www.gauntlethair.com/
Buy: http://www.scdistribution.com/cat/scd_catalognew.php?action=set_site_id&site_id=5

Artist: Nurses

Listen: “Fever Dreams”

From: Portland, USA
Label: Also Dead Oceans
Sounds Like: Freak Folk
Reason to listen: “Fever Dreams” vocals and drums have something animal collective-esque that will just make this song irresistible to your ears.
More: http://deadoceans.com/artist.php?name=nurses
Buy: http://www.scdistribution.com/cat/scd_catalognew.php?action=set_site_id&site_id=5

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