A Weekly Guide to Your New Obsession

By: Sarah Besnard and Lee Cahill

Artist: White Birds

Listen: “Hondora”

From: Philadelphia
Label: Grizzly Records
Sounds Like: Warm, soothing pop
Reason to listen: White Birds was formed by three previous members of late Drink Up Buttercup.
More: http://whitebirds.bandcamp.com/
Buy: http://www.grizzlyrecords.com/details.php?cmd=release&rid=GR015

Artist: Elephant

Listen: “Assembly”

From: London, UK
Label: Memphis Industries
Sounds Like: Glacial synth pop
Reason to listen: They were featured in Clash magazine under “Ones to Watch”.
More: http://elephantshop.bandcamp.com/
Buy: http://memphis.greedbag.com/buy/assembly-ep/?tab=mp3_downloads

Artist: Jenners Field

Listen: “Camberwell Grove”
From: London, UK
Label: Unsigned
Sounds Like: Anthematic Indie Rock
Reason to listen: “Jenners Field play with an amazing energy and have a confident spirit of adventure in their arrangements that make them compelling to watch” -Peter Gordeno, Depeche Mode
More: http://jennersfield.blogspot.com/
Buy: http://soundcloud.com/jenners-field

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