100 on 100-Down!

By Lee Cahill

For our 100th post on 100-Down I’d like to high five all of the people who make this widdle blog possible: Our awesome writers – Sarah Besnard, Dorian Tocker, Leah Shore, Jeff Knight, Alec Henninger, and Dan Cerruti who seek out the best music and film in the indie world. Our web guru Bob Fontana for making sure we actually exist. Our editor Talia Lev who makes sure that we’re always making sense. Michaela Olsen who graciously designed our 100-Down promo flasks. And all of our readers; without them, we’d probably have to quit doing this whole thing.

I’d also like to take a look back at our most awesome findings thus far:

Jessie Ware & Sampha captured our hearts last Valentine’s Day with their melancholy love song “Valentine” – Read More

Alex Clare has taken the slap-two-genres-together-and-see-what-you-get formula to a whole new level! His dubstep meets pop meets everything was a delightful surprise! Read More

Outfit is one of our favorite new artists. The first day I heard them I had their song “Two Islands” and the remix version on loop all day. Read More

13 Assassins is probably one of the most badass samurai movies I have ever seen. Half of the movie is the battle seen – what more could you ask for?? Read More

Convento is more than a documentary film; it is pure art! After watching it you’ll probably want to quit your life and move to Portugal to make art with the family documented in this film. Read More

In an industry filled with car chases, explosions, and cheesy romance, Meek’s Cutoff dares to be quiet and subtle. Travel back in time with this visually-striking drama that’s based on a true story. Read More

Who Took The Bomp: Le Tigre On Tour takes a closer look at Le Tigre, a band that, during their time together, consistently put on wildly entertaining, energetic, and fun performances. You might find yourself accidentally dancing like a 13 year old. Read More

Fritz Myer’s Vacation! soundtrack has an apocalyptic vibe that transforms and elevates the sarcastically fun movie Vacation! Read More

For Rob Roy’s “Carmencita” music video, director Lance Drake pulled out a lot of mind-bending camera tricks that might make you go “Say Whaaaaaaat?!“. But there’s a restrained beauty to the way he incorporates them that elevates the video to high art. Read More

Eric Wareheim who, aside from being apart of of the hilarious comic duo Tim & Eric (awesome show, great job!), is clearly one of the most insane music video directors out there. Read More

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