Gauntlet Hair at Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie

By Jeff Knight

After playing five shows in New York over CMJ (three of those shows without one of their guitarists), you can imagine that by the time Gauntlet Hair got to Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie, they were pretty exhausted. You wouldn’t have known it though – they rocked through a 40-minute, reverb-heavy set, highlighting their new self-titled album, book-ended by their previous two singles “Our Scenery” and “I Was Thinking…” from their 7″.

Andy R. and Craig Nice, founding members of Gauntlet Hair, have been playing together since they were 15, and their bromance is more than apparent live and on the record. During the show, I couldn’t help but imagine I was back in the early 90s, watching an indie band on the fringe of the current music scene, rebelling against the 80s with their own fuzzed out vision of what music should be. 20 years later from my imaginary gig, Gauntlet Hair certainly aren’t the first to rock out in this verbed out, fuzz-y art/noise/psych pop style. But the duo’s chemistry, coupled with the energizing addition of a second guitarist and bassist, made for an unmistakably awesome live show.

Catch them while you can – these boys are poised to blow and you might be scrambling just to find a ticket in the not too distant future!

Listen and download their single “Keep Time

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