Animation Show of Shows: Luminaris dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella

By Leah Shore

posterWe were excited to attend the 13th annual Animation Show of Shows (no, not The Animation Show!) last night. Every year ASOS programs awesome shorts from around the world that often end up getting nominated for academy awards and presents them at major studios. In addition, they also release compilations of animated shorts from the program on dvd and in box sets.

Our favorite short from this year’s program came from Juan Pablo Zaramella of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s an independent director and animator who’s independent and commercial work has been praised internationally, winning numerous awards.

Zaramella is no stranger to stop-motion – most of his films are claymations. In his latest film, Luminaris, a love story between two light bulb factory employees, Zaramella tackles pixilation. Unlike your typical, run-of-the-mill choppy, floating pixilation, his technique is impeccably smooth, almost looking computerized. The inbetweening alone makes the characters pop with cartoonish movement. In addition to the people being pixilated, the objects (and even the timing of the sunrise) are animated. It’s genius!

Be sure to check the Animation Show of Show’s store page HERE, as I assume they will be distributing this animation gem soon.


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