A Weekly Guide To Your New Obsession

By: Sarah Besnard

Artist: Beaty Heart
Listen: “We’re All Friends Here”

From: London, UK
Label: Unsigned
Sounds Like: “Psychedelic drum pop” that makes you wonder if it was recorded underwater.
Reason to listen: Three out of the four band members play drums!
More: http://www.beatyheart.com

Artist: Juveniles

Listen: “We Are Young”
From: Rennes, France
Label: Kitsuné
Sounds Like: Synthpop
Reason to listen: They toured with and remixed French Electro-pop star Yelle. Also, they are young and cool.
More: http://www.juvenilesmusic.com/

Artist: The Black Tambourines

Listen: “27 – 25 Blues”

From: Falmouth, UK
Label: Art Is Hard Records
Sounds Like: Garage pop – Brian Jonestown Massacre meets Black Lips meets WU LYF.
Reason to listen: Puchasing their Cassette EP itself will give you a screen-printed t-shirt, a A3 sized poster and an immediate download in whatever format you choose so you can own it digitally straight away.
More: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Black-Tambourines/202873859770410?sk=info

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