Azealia Banks – Diva To Watch

By Lee Cahill

212Azaelia Banks is the fresh, fast-talkin’ youngster that’s been selling out shows in Europe and creeping her way onto “Artists to Watch in 2012” lists. Though her budding fame has taken root in the UK, she’s a Harlem native who’s been singing professionally since age 10! She attended (but dropped out of) the world renowned LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts (you know, the real-life “Fame”). Something tells me, you’re gonna remember Azealia Banks’ name. She can rap, she can sing, she can act, she’s gorgeous, she’s young, she just got signed to Universal…there’s really nothing stopping this girl from blowing up.

In a recent Pitchfork interview, Banks mentioned, “Considering how ambitious my ideas are musically, I definitely need a label that will really get it out there…I just want to work where I’m allowed to make mistakes and do my own thing rather than get into a situation where someone else has their own agenda of what they want me to be.” I’m not exactly sure that a major label is a place to make mistakes and do your own thing, but hopefully they won’t fuck it up.

In her video for “212” that’s been gaining internet hype over the past four months, the adorable, unassuming Banks in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt dishes out vulgar lyrics like “I guess that cunt gettin’ eaten,” with a smile and flawless flow over Euro-influenced dance beats. Her sound on this track combines the raunchy upbeat lyrics of Amanda Blank with the character voices of Niki Manaj and the soulful vocals of The Noisettes. Check it.

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