SXSW Music Videos…Like Music To Your Eyes. Kina Grannis, When Saints Go Machine, and Casey Veggies

by Lee Cahill

“In Your Arms”
Artist: Kina Grannis
Label: One Haven
Director: Greg Jardin
Production Co: Radical Media
Video looks like: A Jelly Belly stop-motion masterpiece!!!
Music sounds like: Female singer-songwriter
Reason to watch: Although this video is AMAZING, it’s incredibly painful to watch. You can’t stop thinking, “Oh god, how long did this take to make!!!??!” The answer… 22 months. Damn if they don’t deserve all those hits! Be sure to check out the making-of HERE.

Song: “PARIX”
Artist: When Saints Go Machine
Label: !K7/EMI (Scandinavia)
Director: Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen
Producer: Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Video looks like: Dramatic snapshots, like Polaroids come to life
Music sounds like: Scandinavian indie-psych-pop
Reason to watch: The video is an extension of the haunting atmosphere of the song, with intense emotional drama created by the camerawork, cold colors, and the use of slow motion. Oh, and there’s some ether-huffing – it gets trippy.

Song: “Euphoria ll”
Artist: Casey Veggies (formerly of Odd Future, the current hellions of Hip-Hop)
Label: Self-released
Director: John Bollozos
Production Co: Clement & Co
Video looks like: A split-screen of a rapper walking through the campus of a suburban high school where “one of these things is not like the other.”
Music sounds like: Indie Hip-Hop
Reason to watch: Gotta give this video credit for its simple, well-executed idea. Trying to spot all of the differences in each screen gives you a reason to watch again and again.

Technically, Goyte‘s video for “Somebody That I Used To Know” (which features a very nude Kimbra) has a few too many hits to truly be 100Down material – but this song is such a jam, I’ve gotta include it!

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