Meet The Bloggers

Lee Cahill – Creator, Music Docs

Lee is a music licensing enthusiast and she will music supervisor your life. She is also enthusiastic about animals, organic vegetables, and female singer-songwriters, though she is not as bohemian as those things might lead you to believe.
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Sarah Besnard – Music

Hailing from Lyon, France and now living in London, Sarah is our European correspondent. But don’t worry you won’t need a translator to read her posts, she’s fluent in both English and French! She enjoys, travel, electronica, indie rock, folk pop, and vegetarian food.

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Jeff Knight – Music

Having spent half his life growing up in London, Jeff now resides in Philadelphia where he’s finishing up his Music Industry degree. He spends most of his free time listening to music, going to way too many live shows, and the rest trying to convert lead into gold in his bedroom. So far, no luck.
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Alec Henninger – Music

Alec is a music producer and composer based in Philadelphia. He works 18 hour days and has been known to turn British with a healthy application of whiskey. Check out his site @!

Leah Shore – Film

Leah is awesome. Her senior thesis MEATWAFFLE has been in festivals internationally including Sundance, Slamdance, SXSW, and MORE. She is currently directing an experimental short voiced by Charles Manson. Her favorite flavor is coffee. Look at her spiffy website!!!
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Dorian Tocker – Film, Music Videos

Dorian is a filmmaker and a Brooklyn native. He refuses to wear white socks. Check him out at

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Talia Lev – Editor

Talia is at the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.  She likes pop punk, burritos, and fairy tales.  She lives in Philadelphia…for now.