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Alex Clare is Not a Crab

By Alec Henninger It doesn’t take much to think of a couple random genres, smack them together, and call yourself original. “Hey look guys I just invented LATIN SOUL POLKA METAL – I call it PEASANTCORE!!!” (see: Attack Attack! and … Continue reading

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Lush Monotony with Other Lives – Tamer Animals

By Alec Henninger Oklahoma’s Other Lives has accomplished something rather odd, strangely intriguing, and maybe even sometimes beautiful, with their new album, Tamer Animals. I call it “lush monotony.” It’s like a black and white movie in hi-def 3-D. It’s … Continue reading

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Facing New York – Get Hot

By Alec Henninger When showing my friends Facing New York‘s last, 2008 album, Get Hot, the first minute or so was met with an awkward, “Huh?” It was kind of funny and, well… understandable; the opening track “Cops on Bikes” … Continue reading

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